Monday, February 13, 2006

Shooter and Scooter

Bush Did Not Learn for Several Hours That Cheney Shot Hunter - New York Times: "Mr. McClellan was questioned intensely by the White House press corps today about why the White House never released the information itself and why it was left to a private citizen to report to the world that the vice president of the United States had been involved in a shooting. They also seemed frustrated that Mr. McClellan could not tell them exactly when Mr. Bush learned that the vice president himself had shot Mr. Whittington."

So, the same week we find out that Scooter Libby's "superiors" told him to leak classified information one of those superiors accidently shoots a friend. Accidentally? Do we really need this guy as the second in command when he can't even make sure that he doesn't aim his shotgun at his friend?

Some people will want to say this story is a "non-story," but it's not everyday that the Vice President of the United States shoots someone. The man is in the ICU--certainly more than a flesh wound.

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