Saturday, July 28, 2007

No, I've not been tied up reading the new Harry Potter, though I am disappointed that my wife bought the darn book and helped that woman's first week numbers. Silly, Ms. Rowling, thinks she owns the world. I am still slogging through Ulysses and it's a chore. I'm turning to read books on economics to relieve the strain. And there was a promotion at work (the real world, you know), which means a fancy new title and a whole raft-full of new responsibilities. Oh, and there's children, a book I'm trying to finish, and a vacation coming next week.

Sorry for the light posting, but it's summer, you know. Get away from the computer and go play.

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  1. And while you're slogging, your wife is probably thoroughly enjoying HP7. (My wife certainly is.) And isn't that what reading is all about?