Saturday, September 22, 2007

Into the Wild, the movie

So, Sean Penn has made a movie out of a book I've never read, Into the Wild. Not something I would usually have a comment on, but the book has had an effect on some people I know. And the movie looks good. Of course, limited release means that it doesn't play in some place like Denver. But there are reviews out there, so I can pretend like I've seen it. And Krakauer and Penn were on Oprah, if you're into that kind of thing.

Me, I'm also still holding on for No Country for Old Men.


  1. I strongly encourage you to read Into The Wild. A great book, one I keep returning to again and again. It truly speaks to the unsatisfied dreamer in all of us - and is also strangely comforting to those of us who don't push things as far as Chris McCandless did.

  2. I actually pulled the book from my shelf yesterday and put it into my bag. It's nice and thin and makes me think I could read it quickly. Which never happens.