Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Freelance Piece

This week, my first piece of freelance journalism was published. I'm happy. I'm proud. But let's keep it in perspective. This is a relatively small trade publication, ACTE Global Business Journal, published by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. Don't ask how I got hooked up with them.

It feels good, though, to see my name there in the glossy print. And it really wasn't hard work. 1500 words. I've written more 20 page papers than I can count, so this wasn't difficult at all. I had nearly 3000 words to start with and had to cut it back.

There are two things that may be better than see my name up there under the article's title. First, I got paid. That would definitely be the first time I got paid for my writing (other than minimal prize money). Second, I can hopefully use this credit to get more writing gigs.


  1. OK, I give... Where do I go to read the article?


  2. Ah, there's the rub. The publication is only available to members of the organization. So no link, and no copy of it here (per the contract).

    Take my word for it, it's brilliant.