Friday, May 23, 2008

The Cure at Red Rocks

Twenty-one years ago, I saw The Cure at Red Rocks. It was 1987, and I was 16. Then, this week I was there again. Twenty one years later. Twenty one years older.

And it was a great show. Playing as a four-piece again, three of the members the same as the Head on the Door heyday, they really rocked. Even pop songs like "Lullaby" and "Hot Hot Hot!!!" came off heavy without all the horns and strings. Then they pulled out some songs a little less pop, and a little more rare, like "The Blood," "Push," and "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep." And they played a few new ones that made me eager to hear the new album. The third encore, maybe the best part of the show, was all songs from their first album, including "Grinding Halt."

Here's the video for one of the new ones, "The Only One":

And here's one of the many videos on You Tube from the show this week at Red Rocks, "Jumping Someone Else's Train":


  1. Fancy seeing you (and David) at Red Rocks for The Cure, it was a good show! Did you make it to Death Cab? I was seating in your Cure seats for that one...


  2. Yes, funny running into you...and dredging up memories of middle school. Oh, good times, those.

    No Death Cab for me. How was it?