Friday, August 08, 2008

When the Past Comes Back

In many of my stories is a recurring theme of someone who is cut off from his/her past and is afraid of it coming back. I have to admit that I share this sentiment. And my past has come back, in the form of my entire high school graduating class. Next year is my 20-year high school reunion (quick, do the math) and in advance of it someone has set up a website for everyone to reconnect. Well, they are reconnecting.

On the website, people who haven't talked in twenty years are now leaving each other comments, leaving each other messages, and posting pictures. My in-box is full of messages of people, people I barely remember, leaving me comments or adding me as a "friend."

I have to say--and I'll say it knowing that some of these same people might read this--I find the whole thing creepy.

I am cut off from my past. I hardly feel like I ever could have been the person I was then. And know I'm being invited to relive that. Maybe these people all had a better experience there than I did. I am just not too eager to be a part of any of it. I'd would simply like to on as if none of it ever happened. Anything wrong with that?

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