Saturday, August 22, 2009

So It Starts: The first term of the second year of the EMBA program

Thursday I received my box of materials for the next term of the Executive MBA program. One of the luxuries of such a program is that they take care of the books. No waiting in lines. One day before the term starts, there's your books, a couple of binders full of syllabi, assignments, readings, Harvard cases. Of course now I know what's due for that first day of class, so I've got that hanging over me.

One of the peeves I have, after taking many, many classes, is how poorly put together the syllabi are for these classes. They need to teach these professors a class on how to prepare them, or at lease standardize them. Every term it's a big exercise to sort out what each professor means, how things are graded, what's due when, and the like. This is an executive program, full of overachievers, working full-time and trying to get the most out of this that they can. To not have the answer to every question laid out before them gets them (and me) a little anxious.

So, now it starts. The late nights, the heavy workload, the group work, the feeling that every minute should be spent doing something valuable and productive. This term it's "Interpreting the Economic Environment" which translates to Macroeconomics. I'm excited for this one, though I know it's not going to be that easy. I'm sure I'll like it more than others in my class. And the textbook is written by Paul Samuelson, so I'll have to give a lot of credit to what it says. And there's "Managing People in a Global Environment" which is really just human resources class. And the professor for the class also wrote the text for the class.

For now, grab every last second of summer, wrap up all those half-finished projects, clear the desk, and get ready to work

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