Friday, May 06, 2011


I am a writer.

Effectively unpublished. An MFA from Colorado State University. Working on a novel, trying to get an agent interested in another. Trying to find homes for a dozen or so short stories. Published only in my undergrad journal. Plus a piece of journalism in a trade magazine. Trying to write everyday.

I am a professional.

Doing financial planning and analysis. Analyzing results, putting together forecasts. What happened and what’s going to happen. An MBA from the University of Colorado. I read the WSJ, Business Week, Harvard Business Review. I actually care about this stuff. I am a career man, trying to do my best, trying to get ahead.

I am a father.

Three beautiful kids, a loving wife. Want to do my best by them. Offer them all I can. It’s exhausting. Time and energy consuming. Leaving time for little else.

I used to be a musician.

Not so much anymore. Played in bands. Fronted bands. Even played in coffeehouses, just me and my guitar. Not a lot of time of time for it these days. Pick up the guitar once in a while. Think of writing and recording again.

satoriworks is about all of this.

Since 2004. Blogging without focus. From writing and books to business and economics. Personal book reviews. Updates on current writing projects and the rejections slips flowing back in. And it is about doing all of this. Trying to be all of this.

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