Friday, February 17, 2012

20 Essential Albums: Goat

Goat - The Jesus Lizard

One the elements most essential to good alternative music is the role of the bass guitar in the music. Certainly in the music of The Jesus Lizard, the bass plays the role of the rhythm guitar.  It is what propels the songs, with the guitar sliding over the surface.  Oh, and then there’s David Yow’s singing.  Sometimes the music is about more than the “quality” of the vocals.

Goat is another album that deserves to be played loud. Put on “Nub” when you need a little motivation, or “Monkey Trick” when you need to combine a driving rhythm with the occasional scream.  Another 1991 release, Goat was an antidote to Pearl Jam.  The music coming from a place more honest and raw.  Like a open wound of some sort.

I’ve probably seen The Jesus Lizard live more times than any other band, not only because the sound translates well live but because of David Yow’s onstage antics. Sometimes abandon is exactly what is called for. Live or just loud, The Jesus Lizard makes you feel like throwing yourself against the world like a stage dive.

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