Wednesday, April 26, 2006

D'Ambrosio Day

I was lucky enough to hear Charles D'Ambrosio read last month at CSU. He was humble and read wonderfully. He read "Screenwriter," so I've got one story out of the new collection already done. And then I've already read "The High Divide" out of the 2005 Best American Short Stories. Another one down, and my mind made up to buy the book the moment it comes out.

A Google search turned up this interview with D'Ambrosio by Dan Wickett. He makes the mistake of admitting that he likes receiving letters--actual letters, not email. He just might be receiving one from me one of these days.

But here's one for you. Can someone tell me why my local Barnes & Noble is not carrying Charles D'Ambrosio's Dead Fish Museum? Not one. So, I had to travel to Tattered Cover (fantastic independent bookstore who has established a store out in the suburbs, for some reason, but happens to be somewhat near to where I'm living now), and they only had one copy. I bought it.

And then on my way home I heard the Alan Cheuse NPR review of the book. He liked it.

I'll be reading the book tonight. Well, starting it, I mean. There's not a chance I'll finish it in the next week. In the meantime, here's a few stories of his floatin' around the internet:

The Lighted Window


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