Monday, April 24, 2006

Giving writers a bad name

Harvard author faces scrutiny - The Boston Globe

Who on earth things that they can get away with plagarism anymore? I'm willing to give writers a lot of credit when something seems similar to something else. I have to say I was on Dan Brown's side. But just look at the several passages compared in The Boston Globe and you'll be stunned by the audacity.

Thanks to Bookdwarf for bringing this to our attention.


  1. I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

  2. Laura Bushnell plagarized parts of her "new" "book",,,Life Magic.
    there is an entire section about "angels" that is entirely plagarized.
    there are also two complete pages of plagarized passages from Joseph Levry's books.
    so many lies in her book ,,,there is a lie about how she studied with Mother Theresa,...LIE!
    another lie in the book, how she studied with elizabeth Kubler-Ross,,,that is a LIE!
    Laura Bushnell's best lie to date, is that she has the breast Milk of of the Virgin Mary,, and it IS still liquified! how amazing!
    oh, and how about the lie that she has a piece of the orginal cross that Jesus himself died on.
    Bushnell tells people that she can control the weather. r....i.....g....h.....t.!!??
    Bushnell's book has so many lies about herself in it. Lies about her childhood, lies about her clients, lies about her life.
    how sad that she hates herself so much that she has to lie about her own life.