Monday, September 11, 2006

Cincinnati Review of Bellow's Herzog

Powell's Review-a-Day for Sunday was a review by Heather Helper in the Cincinnati Review of Saul Bellow's Herzog and and she does a much better job of it than I do:
I sleep with Herzog on my bedside table even though I have finished reading it weeks ago. It no longer torments me, baiting me with its questions. Instead somehow it gives me comfort, knowing that even under an intense, ruthless scrutiny like Herzog's, the truths about life often escape us. It is as if in our attempt to bend down and pick up the very answer that we are searching for, we inadvertently kick it ahead of us, sending it rolling further along the path. As I lie in bed at night, letting my thoughts creep into the dimly lit places in my mind, I understand the realization Herzog reaches: that we may either torment ourselves with our own weaknesses or we may embrace them, realizing that perhaps there is not one truth that rules over all of life, but a more intimate truth that we construct from our own understanding.

Maybe I should learn to take time with my reviews.

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