Monday, October 02, 2006

On Bob Woodward's 'State of Denial'

It is certainly something when a journalist who has championed President Bush and his administration puts out a book that reveals the President is lying to himself about the state of the war in Iraq and likely lying to the American people about it as well. Am I surprised? No. Do I think this book is aliable to tell us anything we didn't already know or believe? No. What, then, makes the release of this book significant? It is the largest sign of a changing tide that we've seen to date.

While I'd love to think a book could really turn national thinkiing about the war and the President, I don't hold out (much) hope for such a thing. Even if we were to say that one of the two journalist responsible for bringing down President Nixon is only cashing in on the turning sentiment towards the war, that is significant enough. That Woodward, or his publisher, would know that the public and the book-buying audience is likely to be extremely receptive to such a book tells me something.

It may be a sign and nothing more, but it is one that gives those of us who oppose this President and his foolish war some hope.

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