Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rejection Collection - Crazyhorse

I don't know why I couldn't get the image bigger here, but this has to be one of my favorites. This one, on a 8 1/2" card, from Crazyhorse, rejecting my story "The Auction," came Monday. The best part is this phrase, "we would like to reassure you that your work was read by the individual editor in your genre," followed by an apology for the delay. I think this is incredible generous. You can sense their earnestness. And of course they smartly get in a plug for a contest as well.
NOTE: The current issue has a story by Steven Schwartz that I'll have to buy the issue to read.

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  1. Oh, and while we're on the Rejection Trajectory, I love the ones where they send you a subscription card!!!!