Monday, November 27, 2006

Rejection Collection - AGNI

Now, this has to be the quickest turn around I've ever seen out of a lit journal. I sent out my story "Resting" to them on the 14th of this month and on the 24th I received this kind rejection from AGNI. Now, what I appreciate about this one, besides the turnaround, is the enticement to purchase a subscription and discount rate for submitters. Good idea. What doesn't work is that they put the form on the back of the rejection. Don't they realize that I'm putting this in the fat file with all the others?

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  1. Well, heck, Damon, at least you're writing your ass off! That's the thing. Anyway, rejections are part of it, right, part of being a writer. I keep all mine too, and sometimes the kid gives them the offical stamp, "Bullshit," courtesy of Cool Stuff for Writers. Nice that NWR took the time to write you a note. That's very cool. Speer Morgan at the Missouri Review did the same thing for me about a year ago; which isn't to say they haven't rejected four other stories since, haha.