Friday, November 10, 2006

Richard Ford Interviews and Reviews for 'Lay of the Land'

Denver Post - Back with Frank Bascombe at the Jersey Shore
Denver Post (interview) - Richard Ford on writing
NPR - Richard Ford's 'The Lay of the Land'
NPR (again) - Getting Ford's 'Lay of the Land'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - 'The Lay of the Land' by Richard Ford
The Independent - The Lay of the Land, by Richard Ford BLOOMSBURY £17.99
Bloomberg - Richard Ford's Frank Bascombe Plunges Amiably Into Middle Age - Richard Ford: still a Jersey Boy after all these years - Facts about Richard Ford:
Wall Street Journal - Richard Ford on Fictional Realism
Slate - Richard Ford's third Bascombe novel.
Baltimore Sun - The details of daily life - maybe to excess
Washington Post - Third Quarter
Newsday - Living the SUV life on the Jersey shore
The Age - The fiction writer
NY Times - A New Jersey State of Mind
NY Observer - And Now It’s a Trilogy
Globe and Mail - Everyman in autumn
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Ford is frank about ending Bascombe series
USA Today - Ford's 'Land' is difficult to survey
NY Times (Kakutani) - Lay of the Land
NY Daily News - The author of 'The Sportswriter' returns to familiar interior ...
NY Times (Scott) - Intimations of Mortality
Toronto Star - Ford lets Frank drift

Like I’m really going to read all of these. I really only suggest the first two because their local and written by David Milofsky.

I will, though, be tackling this book next…I think.

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