Thursday, May 10, 2007

Michiko doesn't like the new DeLillo

I'm not surprised. Michiko Kakutani doesn't seem to like too much that I might like. Might these reviews be better if written by someone who actually enjoyed the book?

Instead of capturing the impact of 9/11 on the country or New York or a spectrum of survivors or even a couple of interesting individuals, instead of illuminating the zeitgeist in which 9/11 occurred or the shell-shocked world it left in its wake, Mr. DeLillo leaves us with two paltry images: one of a performance artist re-enacting the fall of bodies from the burning World Trade Center, and one of a self-absorbed man, who came through the fire and ash of that day and decided to spend his foreseeable future playing stupid card games in the Nevada desert.

Maybe she misses the point here? Isn't it saying more about today's world that the only answer a man can find for these times is to play "stupid card games?"

At least I know not to be dissuaded by this review.

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