Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Parker Posey: “She makes coffee nervous.”

I love Parker Posey. If she's in a movie, I know I should see it (even if it's Josie and the Pussycats). There's Party Girl, Tales of the City, and of course The House of Yes. It's nice to see her getting some attention in the New York Times:

Even in a supporting role Ms. Posey can move people to the edge of their seat and set them to biting their nails. When she played Tom Hanks’s antic girlfriend — she’s the one who gets dumped — in “You’ve Got Mail,” he said of her character, “She makes coffee nervous.”
“She can walk the line between pathos and comedy like no one else I have seen,” Ethan Hawke, who appeared with her in “Hurlyburly,” said. “Parker, I think, has a little punk rock in her.”
“There is something positive, kind of kooky and completely entertaining about her,” Ms. Cassavetes said. “When you walk around with Parker, people walk by and figure out who she is, and you can hear them say it. ‘I love Parker Posey.’ “
As my daughter sings, "ring-a-rosie, parker posey, ashes ashes, allfalldown."

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