Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tancredo Out...of Congress

It's rare that my Congressman, Tom Tancredo, ever does anything that fills my heart with joy, but after the Rockies lost the World Series Tom "Let's-bomb-Mecca" Tancredo announced that he will not seek reelection in Congress. It would be nice if he would give us his embarrassing Presidential bid as well, but Tommy's just not that smart.

Here's the news from the Washington Post, Tancredo Won't Seek New Term, and here's a site of a fellow constituent who has been keeping tabs on the man, Tancredo Watch.

Adios, Tom.

Update: Wonkette's take.

The five-term congressman represents a “solidly Republican” Denver suburb that kept electing him no matter what crazy gibberish he spouted, so Colorado’s 6th District will presumably elect another nut. Maybe the next one will be worried about space aliens.

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  1. With Rep. Jerry (I (Heart) Latin American Dictators and Adjacent Real Estate) Weller recently making a similar announcement, you and I are having a very good year on the U.S. House front.