Saturday, December 01, 2007

Newsletter Update

Let me say this first, the service I had been using to send out the weekly blog newsletter, Zookoda, sucks. They were bought out by a company called PayPerPost, whose purpose is to have people blog for money by writing about products. As you can imagine, the company could care less about its free newsletter service while it's busy robbing the authenticity from blogging. So, the service has gone down hill, trouble tickets go unanswered, and the can't seem to read my RSS feed anymore.

So, I decided I might try Feedburner. The trouble there is that when you sign up (using the form on the right) you don't get a weekly newsletter, like I would like to distribute, but instead you get daily updates. I get enough email as it is. I'd like this newsletter to come to you on the weekend, when you might actually have some time to read and give the posts some thought (and of course you're always welcome to post comments).

For now, I think I'll do it the old fashioned way and dump the week's blog content into a regular old email and send it out. For those of you up on the technology and want to put satoriworks into your newsreader, there are now three feeds available:

Thanks for your patience.

Updating the update: So, we're going to try Feedblitz now for the weekly updates.


  1. FeedBlitz supports automated weekly newsletters from blogs.

  2. Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll give it a try.