Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And the Democratic Response

This had better be good. Having a red-state Democrat, Tim Kaine, deliver is a good idea.
  • "I worked as a missionary...." He's a Dem with Faith.
  • "Poor choices and bad management."
  • "Working Together."
  • "There Is a Better Way." Look for these themes a lot.
  • "Government...should live within its means."
  • "Pass down the bill for its reckless spending."
  • "In Virginia" this, "in Virginia" that.
  • "Are the President's policies the best way to win this war?" Good one.
  • He's losing me. There's a better way.
  • "A rational immigration policy." "Consistent federal action."
  • "our creator"?
  • "We need a change."
  • Replace cronyism.
  • Become one people.
  • "Together America Can Do Better."

Not bad. Sounds like they've got the themes in place. Let's hope everyone's on the same page.

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