Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Blogging the SOTU

Another night of coded phrases and disingenuous proposals. Grandstanding and preaching.

I thought that since I was going to sit here and listen to this--like I always do--I figured I might add my commentary.

  • "There is no peace in retreat. There is no honor in retreat." A draw down is a draw down no matter if you propose it, buddy, or Murtha.
  • Did he just call me unpatriotic for criticizing?
  • Firm words for Hamas. Good thing.
  • "Liberty is the right and hope of all humanity." Preferably by force.
  • I like the talking directly to the citizens of Iran. We'd have had better luck there than Iraq
  • Oh, yeah, the Patriot Act? Why, you don't need laws to do what you want, do you Mr. President? And then he goes into the NSA spying thing--fantastic. No one gave you the power, buddy. And I'm pretty sure Nixon got in some trouble for spying without a warrant.
  • He's moving in the right direction with the Free Trade talk.
  • Oh no. Tax cuts again. Permanent? Not a good idea. It's important that we continue to review the tax laws.
  • Deficit in half by 2009? I think we've heard that one before.
  • Line item veto--no. Earmark reform--yes.
  • "Congress did not act last year to reform Social Security. "!!!
  • Free trade and the American worker again. Good.
  • But then he goes into immigration? Guest worker program? Good luck.
  • Affordable healthcare gets applause from all.
  • But he didn't talk about doctors "spreading their love."
  • "Addicted to oil" doesn't get applause. The government is the most addicted.
  • Last year hydrogen. This year ethanol.
  • American Competitiveness Initiative. Sounds like a good thing.
  • He almost mentioned Katrina.
  • Not legislate from the bench. Just side our way when we ask them to.
  • Cloning again?
  • "The public trust." Yeah, we expect you not to betray the public trust. But that won't happen.
  • He's back to talking about New Orleans and boy does Mary Landrieu look pissed.
  • But no excuses and no apologies.
  • End the waiting list for AIDS medicine. Good.
  • Bold and empty statements at the end.

Funny stuff tonight.

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