Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wonkette takes a beating

From what we see of Ana Marie Cox's wit on her blog Wonkette, we would expect that she would churn out a funny and compelling novel about D.C. But it seems that the reviewers don't think much of her new book, Dog Days.

A Blogger Creates a Blogger for a Trip Back to 2004 - NY Times

Ms. Cox is too adroit with this fake obsolescence to fall back on it for real. But "Dog Days" really does resort to what she herself calls "the Hallmark Channel ending." So it's bye-bye BlackBerry and hello Iowa for Melanie at the story's end. Any smart Web site would mock her final gesture: turning on her laptop and writing the opening lines of this book.

'Dog Days' squares with Washington - USA Today

The novel has a stripped-down story line and limited character development. The plot is predictable and matter-of-fact. But it does have a blunt, albeit tawdry, honesty.

I don't think I'll add this one to my reading list.

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