Friday, July 21, 2006

The Business End of Things

I am happy to sit and toil on my writing as much as required, but when it gets around to sending stories out I get filled with anxiety.  I worry about my formatting, about that damn slush pile, about simultaneous submissions, about reading periods, about the appropriateness of the material to the market.  Oh, and then I have to print copies, write tersely written (short) cover letters, and come up the appropriate postage (thanks to the postage meter at work).  And then I have to keep track of what went where, oh and when, being careful not to overload journals in which I'd really love to see my work, making sure to blanket enough of the smaller journals so that maybe someone, somewhere will actually choose to publish one of these things.

I managed to get four stories out this week under this agonizing process.  And I survived.  But I have yet to enjoy this end of things.

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