Thursday, July 06, 2006

The MFA Diploma

Well, it's here.  Came in the mail last week.  The coveted MFA diploma with my name delicately and proudly displayed upon it.  And how am I to feel?  What am I to do now?
The diploma brings with it a sense of relief, without a doubt.  I did that, went through that workshop process, and it's over.  I'm proud of it because it's an accomplishment.  It required a great deal of work, a huge commitment, and some sacrifices.  Though I know that it doesn't mean anything.  It doesn't say that I'm a better writer, though I feel that I am.  It doesn't really say that I know more than others.  It says I did it, and it's a personal victory, of sorts.
Maybe it would be different if I was planning on really doing something with the degree.  I'm not likely to teach.  I didn't do the GTA thing and that sort of shuts me out from what is a competitive market to begin with.  So, that piece of paper sits on my mantle for now, declaring...something, but I don't really know what.
Maybe it will at least serve as a reminder to keep writing.

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