Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hard-Worn? No doubt.

This picture graces an article about Jim Harrison in the NY Times, Pleasures of the Hard-Worn Life.
I've read very little by Harrison, but there's a plenty of reason to like him, like this graph:
“In other words,” he went on, “you have to write this kind of story to avoid it imploding in you.” And yet four days after finishing “Returning to Earth,” he started another book, a comic novel called “The English Major” — about “all those preposterous people who major in English in college,” he said — and, even rationing himself to a page a day, quickly finished it. “My mind can’t stop running fictively,” he said, explaining that he was turning out books these days faster than his publisher could cope with them. “But that’s O.K. Maybe I’ll just write some novels and leave them to my daughters, so they’ll have something when I cack.”

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