Friday, June 15, 2007

NYTBR's Got a Blog?

Wait, I thought blogs were killing book sections. Didn't NYTBR editor Sam Tanehaus say as much? Then why is Dwight Garner writing a new blog for the Times, titled Paper Cuts?

Now, I don't hold as much against Tanenhaus and the Book Review as others, though I think hostility towards blogs is misplaced. I also don't see blogs, even the best of them, as replacements for good print reviews. And, in the same way, I don't see how a NY Times version of a blog is going to take anything away from the good book bloggers out there.

All this being said, it is a pretty boring blog. Even though he started strong with a post on old book ads (where this ad of dapper Cormac McCarthy was nicked).

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