Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Faith and the Court - New York Times

Faith and the Court - New York Times: "The White House is invoking Ms. Miers's religious activities as a substitute for talking about her professional qualifications and her views about the law, which remain a mystery. But her qualifications and beliefs about the law are what matter. As this nomination proceeds, both the nation and Ms. Miers will benefit if we hear less about what kind of a Christian she is, and more about what kind of a justice she would be."

Just one of the many things that bothers me about this nominee. Sure, there are good things coming from the Republican infighting. Nice to see that some can see that Bush makes some bad decisions. Democratic silence on the whole thing doesn't have me feeling confident. Let the intraparty battles go on as long as possible, because when the left begins to attack the right will circle the wagons. We can only hope that Ms. Miers takes the National Review's advice and withdraw.

And while people begin counting the votes on the Senate floor (at most 52 right now) someone should be looking at the votes in committee. She's liable to never see a floor vote.

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