Friday, October 28, 2005

"Serious Breach of the Public Trust"

After the Fitzgerald Press Conference, here's what we know:

- The leak of Valerie Plame's name to the press was a crime.
In July 2003, the fact that Valerie Wilson was a CIA officer was classified.

- Libby lied to both the FBI and the Grand Jury.
It would be a compelling story that will lead the FBI to go away if only it were true.
At the end of the day what appears is that Mr. Libby's story that he was at the tail end of a chain of phone calls, passing on from one reporter what he heard from another, was not true.

- The scope of the investigation is large and this is far from over.
And as you sit back, you want to learn: Why was this information going out? Why were people taking this information about Valerie Wilson and giving it to reporters? Why did Mr. Libby say what he did? Why did he tell Judith Miller three times? Why did he tell the press secretary on Monday? Why did he tell Mr. Cooper? And was this something where he intended to cause whatever damage was caused?

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