Monday, May 01, 2006

Rush's Plea

Rush Limbaugh Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges - New York Times

As a primary condition of the dismissal, Mr. Limbaugh must continue to seek
treatment from the doctor he has seen for the last two and a half years, Mr.
Black said.
According to Mr. Black, Mr. Limbaugh also has agreed to make a $30,000
payment to the state to defray the public cost of the investigation. The
agreement also provides that he must refrain from violating the law in the next
18 months, must pay $30 a month for the cost of supervision and comply with
other similar provisions of the agreement.

A bit of a let down, but he was charged and arrested and his sentence willl be commuted when he complies with the demands of the court. Let's all just remember this when he talks about "values."


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