Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The story that won't die

19-year-old faces new accusation - Yahoo! News

Well, it turns out that the young Harvard prodigy (via book packager) might be in a little more trouble than we expected.

Little, Brown said it would not publish a second novel it has under contract
with Viswanathan, 19. The publisher also said it would not publish the expected
revised edition of Opal Mehta.
•The New York Times revealed similarities between Opal Mehta and a second author's work, Can You Keep a Secret? by British writer Sophie Kinsella, published in 2004. Kinsella declined to comment Tuesday.
•The Record of Bergen County said it would review news articles Viswanathan wrote for the daily newspaper in northern New Jersey while she was an intern in 2003 and 2004.
Need I say again how much worse this is than the whole James Frey nonsense? This isn't fabrication--this is outright theivery. I'm hoping to see someone go to court over this whole thing. Lessons should be learned.

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