Monday, September 27, 2004

Agencies Postpone Issuing New Rules Until After Election

The New York Times > Business > Agencies Postpone Issuing New Rules Until After Election

One of many problems with this Administration.

Slow rolling takes place before a presidential election because it is an axiom of political life that agencies take no action that could give an issue to the opponents of the incumbent administration....
While that rhythm to rule making is inevitable, some experts say that this year there are an unusually large number of controversial proposals, and that they reflect both the tightness in the polls and the strong industry ties to the White House. Those groups and others have prevailed upon policy makers to delay some decisions in the hopes of killing some proposals and relaxing some other rules after the election.

So, they don't want to release the changes in rules and regulations that are heavily skewed to the interests of large corporations and are bound to hurt the consumer. Included in this wad of changes we should expect to see after the election is the relaxation of FCC rules limiting the control of large media conglomerates.

Let's just remember who they think of first.

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