Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kerry slams Bush over economy - Kerry slams Bush over economy

So many great bits in Kerry's speech yesterday to the Detroit Economic Club:

And after four years of hearing no from this President – no, it’s not our fault; no, there’s nothing wrong; no, we can’t do better; no, we haven’t made a single mistake – it’s time for a president who will start saying yes.

At that convention in New York the other week, President Bush talked about his ownership society. Well Mr. President, when it comes to your record, we agree – you own it.

In fact, this President has created more excuses than jobs.

We know the truth. George Bush’s failed record is the result of George Bush’s failed policies.

You can even say that George Bush is proud of the fact that not even failure can cause him to change his mind.

These are only the juicy bits; there was a lot of substance in his speech as well.

He also gives his detailed economic plan in the Wall Street Journal.

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