Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ex-Bush Administration Official Gives It to Cheney

Wilkerson Airs Doubts About Prewar Intel - Yahoo! News: "Asked whether Cheney was guilty of a war crime, Wilkerson said: 'Well, that's an interesting question. It is certainly a domestic crime to advocate terror, and I would suspect that it is, for whatever it's worth, an international crime as well.'
He did not explain in the interview why he believed Cheney advocated terror, though he also said that Cheney was 'very publicly lobbying the Congress of the United States advocating the use of terror.'"

It's a bad thing when someone who used to work in your Adminstration lays into you like Wilkerson does here. It begins to look like anyone with a conscience feels compelled to tell it like it is. If only more of the American people would listen to what's going wrong in the Bush Adminstration.

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