Thursday, November 03, 2005

Former Cheney Aide Is to Make First Court Appearance Today - New York Times

Former Cheney Aide Is to Make First Court Appearance Today - New York Times: "Democrats are pressing for the intelligence committee to examine:
--The administration's strongly worded pre-war statements on the Iraqi threat and whether they match up with the actual intelligence.
--The role of the pro-war Iraq National Congress, an exile group run by Ahmad Chalabi, in feeding information from defectors to the Pentagon and to Cheney's office.
-- The intelligence activities of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, which fed policy-makers uncorroborated prewar intelligence on Saddam Hussein's Iraq, particularly involving purported ties with the al-Qaida terror network.
--The pre-war intelligence assessment and its failure to predict the post-war insurgency."

It may have been easy for Intelligence Committee members to agree with Bush's assessment of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein if that intelligence was made up of lies and fabrications. Sure other admistrations and other governments saw Iraq as a threat, but only one chose to go to war.

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